Framing of Concrete Gardens

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Event Details

14th July: 4.30 PM – 9.30 PM

15th July: 3.00 PM – 9:30 PM

Venue: Bay’s Edgewater

Dress code: semi-formal

We’re painting the city green! Let’s take some time off this summer to escape into the wilder side of things at Bay’s Edgewater; we at Green Channel present to you our first-ever art exhibition — Framing of Concrete Gardens!


An opportunity to appreciate the craftsmanship of an assortment of 16 artists, our objective is to implement a change in attitude — attitude is the catalyst to a chain reaction. To invoke passion in the area of environmental protection in our society, we need to associate it with a sense of enjoyment and not just responsibility.


We want society to acknowledge that we live in harmony with the environment and not just in our busy work schedules. Using the simple tools of art, we can create experiences that are emotional, intellectual and sensory. Let this be a way of deviating from traditional forms of presentation and an idea-sharing platform, to catalyze change. Although our primary focus is the environment, we also wish to deviate into other social agendas that are worth canvassing — the artists will touch upon these issues with their abstract work.

The artworks will be for sale. 50% of the proceeds from this event will go to Save Our Species (SOS) [http://www.sospecies.org/], an organisation that channels funds from donors to existing front-line conservative actors working to protect some of the most threatened species of wildlife, and a few other similar organizations (yet to be decided).


We look forward to seeing you!


The Green Channel Team


For any further queries, please contact us at:

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